We have weekly lessons and fun days or parties every term.Our RDA riders hack on the Ashdown Forest without having to cross any roads.


01.09.2014 Annual Training Event for volunteers only. Riding starts the following week. .



10 for ride 1 

16 for ride 2

10 for ride 3.

Please let Jane or Charlotte know when you can come.

Autumn Term Starts:07/14.09.2015 half term :26.10.2015 end of Term:07.12.2015 RDA Lunch :01.12.2015 New term 11-01-2016 All welcome. We are a transparent organisation which uses all its funds for its charitable purposes.On 17-12-2016 we will have a D I rectors and Officers only meeting to agree accounts etc. Watch this space for next general committee meeting.










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